Mobile Application Research Insights

In our ever-evolving industry, keeping an eye on development trends, user evolution and; of course, new technologies, is imperative for our every day operations. Our team dug into Comscore’s 2015 U.S. Mobile App Report with glee, because mobile application research insights are like freshly baked goods in our studio – always exciting!

While the report focuses on U.S. mobile users, much of the report’s contents remains highly relevant to our target market. Here’s what we learnt:


Mobile application and mobile browsing has taken over the spot that desktops once occupied. That’s no surprise to us, especially considering that more than half of South Africa’s Internet traffic emanates from mobile devices. What has been interesting to note is that browsing across all platforms increased, with desktop browsing showing a 16% increase in the Comscore Report. As more and more businesses begin to operate in the online world (even your local grocery store has a Facebook page nowadays!), increased browsing can be expected.

“Nearly 4 out of 5 smartphone app minutes are spent on the individual’s Top 3 apps, despite the average smartphone user visiting 25 apps per month. Tablet users are even more engaged with their top apps, with 87% of their app usage occurring on their Top 3.”

As more and more businesses begin to operate in the online world, increased browsing can be expected.

Rise of the Mobile Application

Comscore's 2015 report clearly showed how mobile applications are “eating up the digital universe”. So while browsing may have increased, mobile applications now account for 54% of all time spent online. That’s a pretty crazy statistic, but one that reflects how users receive and process information on the go, throughout their day. This is great news for us, as we’re fully committed to creating beautiful, useful mobile applications every day.


According to the Comscore 2015 report, the average digital audience size in the U.S. has grown by 22%, while mobile audiences have expanded by 41%. Establishing your target audience on mobile platforms and using applications could end up being easier to do, rather than following more traditional mechanisms. While more traditional online marketing tools are easily targeted to your audience, once you have buy-in from your users to download and use your application, they’re pretty loyal. Taking into account that mobile applications are consuming consumers’ time online, an app may just be where it’s at for you. In South Africa, and across the African continent, the mobile audience is huge, so if you’re going to take a product to market, think about ways to get it mobile, because it’ll reach your target audience far more efficiently and quickly.



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