Happenings are about mobile apps. It is about reaching and engaging with your target audience in a powerful and innovative way.

Happenings is the solution to the cost-effective development, implementation and management of mobile apps, allowing you to reach and engage with your target audience in a powerful and innovative way.

We offer a turnkey solution for app development to suit any need, while also providing flexibility for the availability of your app on the App or Google Play stores.

Our mobile applications are ideal for self start-ups or for corporate use, whether using our technology to create your own app or letting or skills and experience work for you!

Unlike other online app-development platforms, you own your app. The implementation and management thereof can be outsourced Happenings, or undertaken yourself - we provide you with the source and APK files for your application in either case (the Intellectual Property associated with your app remains yours) and hosting is offered on our locally secured servers.

Value-added services include assistance with *publicizing your app on the App or Google Play stores and providing you with your own dashboard to manage your own app.

In compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act, all our data are hosted in local servers. Besides the additional benefits associated with hosting with us, this option provides assurance of compliance to these regulatory requirements.

HAPPENINGS CMS (Content Management System)

Our powerful, cross-platform CMS allows for the rapid development of mobile application, provides complete customisation tools and offers an extensive range of pre-developed functionality and features that allow engaging apps to be built which will save you both time and money, and deliver outstanding performance to you and the user of your app.

By also offering custom development and integration, unique features you may want to include can be sourced, tested by the Happenings team and integrated into app updates that may need to be pushed to the user.