Build unlimited apps from amazing features.

Our HappeningsCMS offers a wide range of pre-developed functions and features which can be customised to your needs. Many of these features are standard and can be included in your basic app without incurring additional cost. Some premium features are also available at a minimum additional cost.

Because these functions and features are already developed, it will save on development time and cost.

We also offer custom development for specific features you might require, and can integrate this into your application at a minimum cost.


These features allow for arrangement, structure, planning, and coordination between people and events.


Turn you app into an income generator with these great features.


Our localized features are great for engaging with your audience, providing them with information that is available in their area


Our social feature ensures engagement from your audience and can be integrated with your current social media channels.


These communications features allows for direct interaction with your target audience.


Take your engagement to the next level and integrate some multimedia channels into your app.


You can gather information from your audience using any of these great features.


Create rich content driven pages, and linked them to external sources