Start your own business building mobile apps using the HAPPENINGS CMS. Our easy to use platform offers a wide range of functions and features that will enable you to own your own app building business. The HAPPENINGS CMS is easy to use and no previous development experience is required.


At a glance, manage all your operations from your dashboard: from how many push notifications have been sent to how many customers are using your CMS.


From your backend you can manage all your users, the apps which they are associated to, if they are still allowed to login,  etc.


Create as many roles as needed to allow your users to access specific parts of your CMS. You can define if a user can access a specific feature, and even a specific page of any of the apps.


Our HAPPENINGS CMS is a fully customizable platform with many features already developed and available to use. We also offer a range of advanced, pre-developed modules such as "Previewer" to integrate with your system (additional costs will apply), or you can integrate and customise your own solutions on our platform. That's how flexible our system is - not locking you into certain features owned by us!


Let your users live test their apps on their mobile thanks to your previewer app. A pre-made but customisable module providing a premium service along with your app maker.


Eliminate the hassle of generating apps manually. You can click on a button to build them automatically to get them published on the app stores. (available on commercial editions for Android, and as a paid module for iOS)

Build, sell and manage unlimited mobile apps from a single panel.

The Happenings Prefered Partnership programme provides you with access to the HAPPENINGS CMS and your own white label dashboard. You will be able to start building your own apps using any of the features we have available. Once you have completed the app, you will also be able to submit the application to the Apple App and Google Play stores, and create access for your clients on your dashboard, allowing them to manage their own apps.

The HAPPENINGS CMS includes our easy to use AppBuilder and Backend. No coding skills are required to build your apps. A wide range of customisable features have already been developed and are available at no additional cost. We also offer a range of more advanced, paid for features which can be implemented on your dashboard. Once you have purchased a feature you will be able to **use it multiple times, within different apps. You will also be able to integrate your own custom features.

As a Happenings Prefered Partner you will also receive free updates and support.

All data are hosted locally by Happenings in compliance with the POPIA.

Build and Sell your own Mobile Apps with a single solution.


  • Unlimited apps and clients - You can create unlimited apps and manage unlimited clients.
  • Local Hosting - In compliance with POPIA
  • Multi-language enabled - The CMS can be translated into other languages.
  • Users/clients backend - Your users and clients have a backend to manage their apps.
  • Your admin backend - You have a specific backend to manage everything.
  • App builder integrated - Of course, the main thing is the drag&drop builder.
  • App Sources generator - You can generate the apps sources whenever you need.
  • Apps with offline mode - The apps work offline if you enable it.
  • Lifetime Free Updates
  • Support - Appart from personal support, there is also many documents and videos available to assist.